Located in Tavira, Algarve, Portugal, this private accommodation offers visitors 5 hotel rooms (one double bed in each room), a seawater pool and a bar sorrounded by a terrace overlooking the river and the garden.


TAVIRA INN / Casa do Rio, separated only by the road from the river Gilão and 3 minutes walking distance from the center of the town, awaits you with its casual mix of stylish décor and friendly ambience.

Nestled alongside the Rio Gilão, and by the train´s bridge, the TAVIRA INN is more than just a guest house where you stay overnight.

                       It is a summer home away from home...

The TAVIRA INN is my home and the beginning of the - FUN HOTELS - places to stay, full of Fun, Character, Details and Soul ...


Comfort and tranquility are provided by your host, Sebastião Bastos.

 The TAVIRA INN is  a place where step by step you will feel the home you need to enjoy your holidays.


Rich with objects d'art collected from all over, built in a mixture of the traditional and modern Portuguese styles, Sebastião has impressed his personal sense of style on the design of Casa do Rio.

Complete with a seawater pool and funky jazz bar , the TAVIRA INN has most of the features of a large hotel but with the comfortable, warm feeling of a home.

You may find more information about this Place to Stay in the LONELY PLANET , Special Places To Stay (guide books ) or at the TOURIST OFFICE in Tavira. Also in the  GUESTBOOK of Casa do Rio you have information from people who have stayed here and that you may contact.



The Tavira Inn by Special Places To Stay :

Warm and witty, fun and funky; if a guesthouse can reflect its owner, the Tavira Inn surely does. Sebastiao Bastos, a man of middle years and relaxed good humour, has combined his love of travel, music and art with his background in hotel management to create an off-beat but deliciously relaxing Special Place. ...


 .... Come evening, relax to soul, jazz or gentle music around the bar. You’ll probably decide to stay another day


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